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“Towards A Common Food Policy for the EU” new report IPES-Food

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food), has released a new report: “Towards A Common Food Policy for the EU”See here the full report and executive summary.

Zusammenfassung des Berichts auf Deutsch (PDF) >>

Descrizione del Rapporto in Italiano (PDF) >> 

The report maps out a single, time-bound vision for reforming European food systems, realigning the various sectoral policies that affect food production, processing, distribution, and consumption, and refocusing all actions on the transition to sustainability.

The potential of urban food systems and short supply chains is underlined: ‘Building fairer, shorter and cleaner supply chains’ is identified as 1 of the 5 objectives of a Common Food Policy.

The report puts forward over 80 concrete reform proposals, including changes in the way that policies are made and priorities are set. It draws on the collective intelligence of more than 400 farmers, food entrepreneurs, civil society activists, scientists and policymakers consulted over a three-year period.

Quelle/ fonte:, Nick Jacobs, IPES-Food Coordinator